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The following TYPES OF LISTINGS are available on Parkville.info:

Business Card ($50 Per Year) - Your business card information will be displayed on a sub-menu 
when your category is selected from a button on the front page of parkville.info.  If you already have a 
website, we'll also include a link for you FREE.  (we would appreciate a reciprocal link to our site from yours.)  

To have your Business Card added, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.  

Front Page Ad ($25/month or $125/6 months) - Have your business listed on the front page of parkville.info for $25 per month.  This will allow you to be seen without having your category button clicked and can include a link to your website or to a Business Page listed below. 

To have a Front Page Ad added, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Business Web Page ($25/month or $100/6 months) - As an alternative to creating, maintaining and hosting your own web space, we'll host a page for you.  This allows you a place to display things like... menus, list of services, specials, clearance items, contact information, upcoming events, coupons, maps, photos of merchandise, etc.   You can even request to have your own URL (businessname.com) and we'll submit you to the search engines.  

You may develop your own advertising page or we'll put one together for you for a one-time setup fee of $50 Plus $50 per page we develop.  Once your template has been created, you may request changes to your page content monthly for no additional cost.   

To have a Business Page created for you, please submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Page Sponsor Ad - ($10/month or $50/6 months) - Choose the pages you'd like to sponsor and place your ad there for only $10 per month.  Dimensions are generally 200x100 pixels unless there is a need for more space.  

More examples of each ad type:

Business Card ($50 Per Year) =  An example of the 'Home Security' business card page.
Front Page Ad ($25/month) = Appear on the main page of www.Parkville.info
Business Page ($20/month) = Have your own business webpage similar to this
Page Sponsor Ad - ($10/month) =
Similar to a front page ad, but you instead sponsor one of the category pages.  Take a look at the 'Restaurant Guide of KC' logo on our Restaurant category page.  

This information will ONLY be used for your ad and will NOT be sold to a mailing list. 

contact name:

what category best describes your business?
business name?
business address? 
business phone?
what is your current website address (if any) ?
which types of listing(s) are you interested in?   Business Card ($50 Year)
  Front Page Ad ($25/mo.)
  Business Page ($25/mo.)
   Page Sponsor Ad ($10/mo.)

do you have a company logo? 

If you currently have a logo or marketing info, please email to todd@parkville.info with your business name in the subject line.

   we welcome your comments & questions


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